Graphic Artist / Musician

Santa Barbara, California

Raised as part of an artistic family, Ryan began painting and drawing at a very young age. In grade school he began creating his art digitally, and his skills as a graphic designer began to surface. During college he was able to excel in art and began working as an illustrator for a screen printing company. Eventually moving on to focus more on painting and begin his freelance business.

His love for the ocean has taken him around the world to a variety of exotic beaches and locations, where he has gained experience and inspiration for his art and music. While traveling and surfing with his brother Matt, the two began to document their trips on film to share with friends and family. This eventually led them to work together and produce the film Way of The Ocean: Australia. The film was featured in the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2012.

He continues to work as a freelance graphic designer and some of his more recent projects include illustrations for the Marine Science Institute at the University of California Santa Barbara, clothing design for Quiksilver, product design for Carver Skateboards, and graphic design for True Ames Surf Fins. His music is featured in films for Red Bull, Surfers Journal, Hydroflask and Subaru.

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